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The Prep 365 Platform

The FTC Safeguards Rule requires that your employees - and potentially your business partners - take cybersecurity training. Our Prep 365 education subscription is laser-focused on Safeguards compliance, tailored to the nature of your business. Prep 365 is available as an online course, delivered to your team via their PC, smart phone or tablet. Attendees receive a paper certificate of completion.

The course is 4 hours long - with hourly breaks - and includes these topics:

  • What is the Safeguards Rule & how does it apply to my business?

  • What the government expects of employees that work for a Safeguards-regulated business

  • What the FTC considers sensitive & private customer information

  • Common information security terminology: Encryption, multi-factor authentication, phishing, malware, ransomware, business email compromise & more

  • Clean desk policies

  • Managing & disposing of sensitive information

  • Avoiding common security pitfalls: Phishing & ransomware

  • Using personal devices safely

  • Working in a Safeguards-compliant environment

  • What events to report & how to do it

Our Prep 365 courses empower your users with knowledge for an entire year: They can take the course as many times as needed, like when the course is updated with new content.

Prep 365 is $400/user/year. If you are an active Washington State Independent Auto Dealership Association (WSIADA), each year is just $220.

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