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Blue Smoke

We help customers on their journey to a secure digital workplace. From educating users on how to use multi-factor authentication to designing modern endpoint management solutions, our expertise is taking the confusion & complexity out of the process.

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Concerned about Safeguard Rule compliance?

If you handle customer financial or personally-identifiable information, this rule applies to you. We will make sure you are compliant.


 The responsibility of proctecting customer data is a colossal one, with deleterious cyber attacks and changing federal regulations  only heavying the load. Gaps in a businesses security and lack of education of our federal data laws can be catastrophic. We start by finding those gaps. 

We educate businesses on federal regulation and data security breaches before providing you a step-by-step plan to close the gaps in your business. Federal law ensures that no business may deviate from the industry standard for security. The burden of customer data falls on your business, we will establish a plan to bring your business up to standard. 

Once we have set a plan in place for protecting your customers security, we will implement the necessary changes within your business. 

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